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» Deliberate defiance and the 15% rule from Tom's blog
I came across this article which talks about how some organizations promote an environment of deliberate contempt and disobedience in the workplace. Specifically it talks about that fact that in creative workplaces senior managers frequently don't reco... [Read More]


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gl hoffman

I can't wait to pick up this book.

Stan Garfield

I featured Weird Ideas That Work as the book of the week in


Hi Bob

In this version (paperback) of the old hardbook, are you added new topics or corrections?

Daniel Varela
Santiago, Chile

Matt Moore

There's some kind of weird synchronicity thing going on as I have just blogged about this book here:

I have the hardback copy which is obviously superior to the lame paperback one...

Eric Tam

Hi Bob,

How much of the interview can you safely devote to your Weird Idea of "using job interviews for things other than hiring".

I want to sounds neat.

PS: I'm not part of the the 90% of people that think their driving skills are above average. :-)

Light & Dark


Have you ever heard the story of the graphing calculator that eventually became part of Apple's operating system?

It's gotta be the ultimate example of "defiance above and beyond the call" by a programmer. The cool part of the story is how the project caught the imagination of such a disparate group of people who became co-conspirators.

The story, in the programmer's own words, is at


Bob Sutton


It is based on the huge literature on the self-fulfilling prophecy. Extreme confidence increases the odds of success -- and as I point out in the book -- also increases the odds of throwing good money after bad. So it is a double-edged sword unless you are very careful!

Eric Tam

Good luck!
Hey Bob, what kind of research are ideas #7 and #8 (roughly paraphrased as "deluding yourself that difficult things will work") based on?

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