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» What is ethnography and why should you care? from Kent Blumberg
Wikipedia defines ethnography as the ...qualitative description of human social phenomena, based on fieldwork. This can include direct observation of behavior, interviews, and other techniques. You should be interested in ethnography because it represe... [Read More]

» Learning to Innovate from metacool
BusinessWeek recently published a great piece about the growing trend of using design thinking as a means to teach people how to innovate. I'm particularly proud that the Mozilla project from the Creating Infectious Action class I co-taught with Bob [Read More]

» Designing Mozilla--The Stanford D-school Class. from NussbaumOnDesign
I've been getting lots of backstory data on the class at Stanford that produced a successful business model for Mozilla, the internet browser company that we featured in our story on how design schools and joint programs between D-school and... [Read More]


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Kent Blumberg

I love the class assignment. Reminds me of Mike Lanning's approach to Delivering Profitable Value (see my website for details).

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