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Vickie Pynchon

Thanks for the mention.

As the single "confessional" of bad workplace behavior to appear in the Complete Lawyer issue on workplace bullies, I note the following:

As the Stanford Prison and Stanley Milgram's "Authority" experiments long ago proved, we are all capable of bullying behavior.

When we demonize others (i.e., tag them s "jerks," "bullies," "A-holes," and "sociopaths") we exempt ourselves from potential wrongdoing, create a class of evil "others" and unwittingly further enable people and their organizations to deny bad behavior by decent people.

If, instead of ridicule and demonization, we can "out" the bully in each of us, those who are ashamed of themSELVES instead of guilt-ridden about their BEHAVIOR, will be better able to admit their wrongdoing, make amends, move toward reconciliation with their fellows and re-join the rest of the fallible human beings amongst us.

I suppose you could say that I am an jerk in recovery. As such, I make it a part of my daily "program" to "take my part" in any rancorous dispute, promptly apologize and make amends for any harm I have caused without seeking (but nevertheless hoping for) forgiveness.

I forgive myself my human fallibility and move forward.

For more on the profound differences between guilt and shame, take a look at my article on restorative justice, "Shame by Any Other Name" -- here:

Happy holidays and thanks for the compliment Michael!

michael webster

I am big fan of Victoria Pynchon's blog.

My sense is that we are seeing a gradual realization that those school yard bullies - most of whom were sociopaths in the making- have snuck up the ladder of corporate control.

Laughing at them is a very good first start to disarming their control.

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