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Dr. Sutton,
It is the picture... and the idea. Work Matters.


May we see a side-by-side comparison, please? At the moment, the new design reminds me vaguely of another masthead I've seen somewhere, but I'm very tired and can't quite pin it down... I think I liked the old one better, but I really would like to compare the two against each other.

Juan Carlos Pinedo

Professor Sutton,
I don't know you personally, but when I see your videos, or read your blog, and then I saw the new design, I saw your persona all over. And, yes please, keep your picture there. I saw passion and beliefs for what you do.


Looks nice but could be better. The "W" is totally overwhelming and tries to take all the credit.


Hi Bob,

I like it, and I think the world of Katie. Isn't she awesome?

By the way, NEVER get rid of that author photo. It's the best ever.





Other than the very large font, it's nice.


I like it too, it was a bit of a shock at first but it's growing on me rapidly. It has a more modern feel than the old one.

I would move the type slightly further to the right though; for some reason, at the moment, I find my eye drawn to the centre line rather than to the words.

Daniel Christadoss

I am happy you mentioned the graphic. Would not have noticed it otherwise.
So, was it powerful enough?



Tim Berry

I like it. Clean, powerful, immediate.


I like it but would advise making the center column and the two side columns more different (lettertype or whatever). It would make it clearer "at a glance".

CV Harquail

Big thumbs up. I'm glad you kept the photo, it makes me chuckle every time I see it...cvh

Bret Simmons

yes, better :) Don't ever lose that picture - great branding.


New graphics are nice.....glad to see you didn't nix the contemplative pic of yourself. I like that!

bayrak imalati

Congratulations !
Very very nice site
Thank you.. =)

Account Deleted

Bit of waiting time there but ain't complaining :)

Fan from 'bulol' ( country (and regretfully, an ass---- on a few occasions).


Vivek Patwardhan

I liked the new graphics. Simple and elegant.


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