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Randy Bosch

But did the researchers find the answers for which they were searching or discover and interpret relationships?

And, less seriously (perhaps not), would not curricula vitae for the researchers include their blink rates?

Perhaps future pre-election debates can be non-verbal, just close-ups of eye blinking in response to questions? Of course the equivalent of a lie detector test would be required!

Finally, perhaps analysis of potential bosses' blink rates would need to be shared with job applicants!

David Hekman

Thanks so much for posting this! I read the research article and thought it was neat that dopamine/blinking was slighlty positively related to divergent creativity (thinking up lots of uses of a box) but negatively related to convergent creativity (figuring out what three words have in common). Just a hunch, but perhaps convergent creativity increases in the presence of stress/norepinephrine.

Harris Silverman

The deeper question of course is how much creativity you want in your workplace. Companies that need simple adherence to established procedures have a very hard time dealing with genuinely creative people, and may be better off without them. Other companies, which could actually benefit from some genuine creativity, don't always know how to handle it. Creativity is inherently disruptive, and truly creative people need to know how to conduct themselves in different environments.

Harris Silverman

Scentsy Bricks

So, can I start blinking more to be more intelligent?! Forget reading books!

I'm only kidding.

This is interesting, though, because I was always under the impression that the more one did blink, the less interested they were in the current situation.

Perhaps there is a link their boredom and their more frequent blinking to make the situation more 'interesting' to them.

Just a thought.

Randy Bosch

Bob, Fascinating study & tentative theory on blinking speed! How amazing that so much human creative & technological progress was made for centuries and centuries without ever knowing this signal! Leadership & management progress - not so much! Human nature has not changed one iota in millenia, only technology, speed of impacts on each other and the world around us, and availability of strange and wonderous new studies has changed! This comment is only partially a "tongue in cheek" riposte, the rest of the intent is to focus on what counts - human relationships!

Please keep up the intriguing pokes at "business as usual"!!

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