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Nice to know that CEO's aren't paying attention during meetings!


I find that my iPad changes my productivity for the better in a surprising and unexpected way: not because I use it for work, but because all the surfing and regular blog reading I do feels so much more natual there that it's become the only place I do it. Thus, at my desk, I'm not tempted to go check anything, because I do that on my iPad. I read on it (haven't had kindle on, really, since getting the iPad) and we use it to drive shows on our tv that we've gotten from iTunes. It's not ubiquitous in my life, but it is is in certain niches.

Rodney Johnson

Bob I work with a CEO of a $12 Million manufacturing that is an avid pilot. He went and bought an IPAD for one reason - navigational maps for flying. Supposedly the Apple salesperson was working his darndest to get him to think how to apply it for business purposes. "Nope, I'm just buying it for navigational maps." Well within 2-weeks,he was carrying his IPad around everywhere he went for business purposes also.

I found this intriguing simply because of the how quickly the resistant crossover occurred.

James Drogan

My comments may be found at "Always on, always connected, always transacting. Is it possible?"


Two usages for the iPad which I didn't think I would use it for when I purchased it are:

1 - A laptop TV ad movie viewing device. It is so much more convenient than a laptop for watching video.

2 - A cookbook. I use it frequently in the kitchen. There are a number of useful cookbook apps for the iPad and the device is easy to prop up on the counter and use while cooking. I even found it extremely useful when it came to butchering a chicken for the first time. I found a website with clear instructions and photos and it made the job much easier.

Anna Smith

I agree with Peter E.: My two most favorite apps are Instapaper and Reeder (awesome way to skim hundreds of news articles and blog posts within minutes) - the ipad app is more intuitive and user-friendly than google reader...

Jeux Nokia

The unlocked SIM is a huge advantage. In Europe with small countries it would be a rare week not to be in more than one country. Avoiding international roaming charges by using local pay-as-you-go cards saves a fortune.

Scot Herrick

Forgot -- Bob, you can get anti-glare covers for the iPad and they work really well. Example: ifrogz dot com has a complete collection of both covers and anti-glare options.

Levenger is also now coming out with great cases (not anti-glare screen covers, though) for the iPad.

Scot Herrick

I'm liking the iPad a lot.

1. Real estate -- the larger screen is simply much better than the tiny Blackberry or iPhone screens

2. On and off in a flash/long battery life

3. HD display. Showing slides and/or pictures is spectacular

4. Easy navigation -- all touch and resizing -- much easier than a laptop

5. The applications. Business ones: OmniFocus for GTD productivity, Note Taker HD for writing notes (with finger or sylus, including e-mailing the PDF file auto created...), flight tracker including push updates on flights, a good mind map program. Plus contacts, calendar and e-mail. I'm sure there is more.

6. Don't discount Netflix streaming; it works really well and is very unobtrusive with earphones/plugs.

7. It is still better at content consumption rather than creation, but short notes (mail), or social media (rare for CEO's) is a snap.

8. Oh. And the Kindle application, in my view, is better than the Kindle (I own a Kindle). Use it all the time -- and not just for books.

nance nAncY nanc hey-you davis-baby

i find this very interesting.
my 23 year old likes hers.

you were mentioned here today,

so i came over for a visit.

remember the days before we even had cell phones? how did we ever get by :-) ?

Elad Sherf

I agree with David's sentiment. It seems a little bit crazy to me that CEOs would spend so much effort in meetings to ignore what is going on. Wait, aren't you the CEO...? if you don't think the meeting is needed - just cancel it! If it is necessary, then devote your full attention to it and respect the people around you... Multitasking is sometimes useful, but like a lot of things, just because we can, doesn't mean we need to... A bit of respect to other people and presence in the moment will not hurt anybody, including the CEO's of companies.


I use mine extensively for when I'm traveling when its light weight is a huge advantage. Given the form I feel comfortable getting it out at a restaurant to show a client a few choice slides whereas doing the same with a laptop would be unacceptable (plus the boot time means I can get quickly to the point). I use it almost exclusively for work - it has never had any movies or music loaded onto it.

The unlocked SIM is a huge advantage. In Europe with small countries it would be a rare week not to be in more than one country. Avoiding international roaming charges by using local pay-as-you-go cards saves a fortune.

Like David I still think it's bad form to be looking at a device in a meeting instead of focussing on the topic.

Peter Edstrom

I've been trying to find a place for my iPad at work, and haven't been able to yet. However, I absolutely love it for casual computing in the evenings and it has all but replaced my laptop.

Two most favorite apps: Instapaper (for reading just about anything offline) and Reeder (for keeping up with you and a few other blogs I follow).

Bob Sutton

David, certainly you have a point about CEO attention. But I am fairly amazed by how much attention they pay to meetings given that between the web and the global economy (most CEOs in these groups had operations in multiple countries -- Asia and Europe in particular, the number of people who clamor for instant answers (and often face truly urgent situations) make it hard for them to detach and do their jobs competently. I have had plenty of critical things to say about modern CEOs, but I am amazed how hard there jobs are to do well and part of me -- despite the power and money -- wonders why so many people seem to want these jobs!

Peter A. Mello

I love my iPad pretty much for the same reason as the CEO's.

Instant on to check email and read feeds is tops for me. It's also a lot easier and lighter to lug around to meetings.

There are some very cool productivity apps like Soundnote which records audio in meetings while you take notes. After the meeting when you can't recall the context of the note, you can play back the audio which is synchronized to it. Voila, aided recall.

And finally, I do enjoy finding that obscure independent film on Netflix to watch in bed from time to time.


My takeaway from your post is that is that CEOs spend A LOT of time in meetings doing other things besides paying attention. It also seems that they expend a lot of effort trying to be discreet about it.

John Lilly

I think you're exactly right -- they're good for those of us who have tons of meetings and are pretty mobile -- on planes, riding the train, doing work at coffee shops. I also like it for home use at night, as I can focus a little bit better on particular content than I can on my laptop.

But for people who don't move around quite so much, I think they're not really as good as a laptop.

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