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Sam Van Eman

Encouraging points here - very different, I suppose, than what might have happened if they had been middle-schoolers (or, if they had been trapped longer without signs of hope).

I found your post via Brad's article at Thanks.

Bradley J. Moore

Excellent connection of a real-time headline story with your sound principles of being a Good Boss.

I plan to feature your work and this story in particular over at The High Calling site( next week. I'll let you know when it is up.


This has become the best example of handling worst situation, being calm and thoughtful. Problems are always there, how we approach them makes the difference. They all have done it under his guidance.

Hector Salgado

Mr. Marchese.
The story of Mr. Urzua is remarkable. Both, his father and grandfather, were killed by the Pinochet dictatorship in 1973. As the older son (17) of a family of 6, he took care of his mother and siblings. The main contradiction here is that the government of president Piñera and the president himself were the main supporters of Pinochet and the coup. Today, thanks to Urzua and his leadership this gov. is benefiting greatly nationally and internationally with all of this. Urzua's father is still disappeared somewhere in the Chilean desert.

Jennifer Bautista

It is great reading this after watching the miners rise up onto the surface again. It's evident from their good health that the miners were held together by great leadership from Urzua, Gomez, and Barrios and that the miners trusted that their leaders were working for their best interest. Great leadership requires trust even in extreme circumstances.

Toby Simon

It's no coincidence that this leadership team - Luis Urzua (foreman), Mario Gomez (the spiritual guide)and Yonny Barrios(medical support)are in their 50s and 60s. Great leaders and good bosses are seasoned over time, and bring the wisdom of their experience and patience to the tasks in front of them.


I had no idea they were so organized! Great example of a great person in charge

Joe Marchese

Urzua is the latter day model of Ernest Shackleton. I would love to know more about his background and experience, and look forward to the day when all the miners can celebrate their success.

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