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William Cunningham

This is a horrible example of how some bosses regard their employees as nothing more than tools. It's horrible because it's true. Sometimes you get self-centered egotistic "leaders" that couldn't care less about their employees as long as the paychecks keep coming. In these situations, no employee could keep his or her morale up and turnover rates skyrocket.


It is very hard to believe that how could such kind of boss be successful?
How could he provide an excellent customer service?

Jacob Kelgard

It is truly unbelievable the lack of willingness and "teamwork" that some bosses have. This boss sure sounds like he's got some personal issues that need tending to. It is so necessary for those that lead us, to lead by example and demonstrate teamwork. People typically won’t respond well to a boss that is pushy and unappreciative, let alone one that can’t do anything for themselves. It’s no wonder there were several key employees to quit working for him.

working girl

The wife sounds worse. The boss was just a jerk but taking your incontinent dog to poop in people's offices 'because you can' while pretending to be friendly is deeply twisted.

Nancy McGlothin

Fabulous fable!

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