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Ouch. My boss of 10 years was always a screamer and curser, but her assholeishness is several orders of magnitude greater since she hooked up with her asshole boyfriend who is now her partner and co-boss. The last straw has been their treatment of me since my diagnosis of breast cancer, mastectomy, and post-surgical bad reaction to antibiotic (original boss, a PHYSICIAN, said "Bullshit!" when told that bad reaction made me unable to return to work full-time exactly 4 weeks after surgery).

There's much more -- but it's too exhausting to detail at this point. Let's just say that for 10 years I never used all my vacation time, usually less than half, and much of it was lost because it can't be carried over. Four allnighters within the past calendar year -- and I'm 54 years old -- and one of them was between surgical biopsy and mastectomy: boss informed me "we will be staying all night" (we including me, without my having a choice in the matter), but then they left once they finished their (late) part, leaving me to continue polishing their words to submit in time for deadline, alone from 1 AM until dawn, with not even cab fare or dinner, and certainly no overtime!

I have gotten out -- to another job within the large organization -- but the two co-bosses are furious at how THEY have been mistreated by the organization! You know, like someone in HR should have gotten my boss's permission before enacting the transfer. Cry me a river.

Tom Guarriello

Bravo for getting past the clever counter-intuitive nonsense about the "benefits" of toxic leaders, Bob. Stories like this one vividly demonstrate the damage that assholes, or in this case, sadists, can do to people.


It amazes me that people like this get hired. I guess such behavior doesn't come out in typical job interview techniques. (People who never return phone calls are another type of employee that should be avoided). I always says that such personal attacks accomplish little except to give the attacker an ego boost. In fact, I think that it demotivates people to do a better job for you the next time.

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