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mike frazzini

interesting post. several years ago i read a book by i think either kant or heideger who said something like "knowledge is the willingness to learn more". sorry to say that i don't remember the author or the exact wording, but if you agree with the earlier "breakthrough business ideas?", then i suppose it doesn't matter anyway. as the quote relates to this post, i've always made the distinction between smart and wise as along these lines.

smart vs. wise is a good question. i've also wondered somewhat similarly about the correlation between smart and successful. success, of course, being defined along any number of axes.

Tom Mandel

This is one of those wonderful ideas which, once you read it, starts to resonate in everything you experience and do over the next few days and weeks. Good stuff!

jeff angus

I think that combo -- Strong Opinions, Weakly Held is also a necessary precursor for planning -- the need in an organization to plan for the future while still competing in the present.

One's plans have to flex and gradually shift away from a successful present set of factors without losing the sharp focus on the factors that promote immediate success.

So not just "too attached to what you believe" but the closely-related "too attached to what makes you great now".

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