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Mickey Davis

I have the feeling that you might be difficult to work with at times. Why call people who you find difficult, assholes? Life is hell and most people who are assholes probably have good reasons to be so, even though they are impossible to work with and it makes our jobs much more difficult. Plus the conditions of work probably make more people into assholes than any other thing. By the way, I got a score of "3" on your asshole score, so I might have something to say here (and I think my answers were totally honest--I even purposely tried to give an asshole answer a few times just to even it up). But I must admit I have what is probably a dream job compared to most others and I have no need to be an asshole. But I do think most assholes are forced to be that way because of things out of control, perhaps mostly their lives.

Ross Mayfield

Indirectly reminds me of the old saying, "Excuses are like assholes, everyone has got one, and they all stink."

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