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Bob Sutton

And thank you Dennis! Alas, although we seem to have better -- or at least different -- language for what happens in business, most things remain much the same. I know of no evidence that organizational death rates or the failure of new products is going down... and it seems that assholes will always be with us no matter what. In any event, it was a great story and I appreciate it.

Dennis Howlett

Thanks for the ping Bob - I should've prefaced this by saying this was 1979 when a lot of what we understand today had not been articulated in business terms.

Our man had been talking to other management team members offline about this and was prepreared to walk if it came to the crunch. I should've said that.

As my partner says: "Always have plan B and preferably Plan C and D as well." Sage advice.

Bob Sutton

Robert's comment didn't appear as counted, so I am trying to add another to see if it does. Robert, yes, I agree, many great -- and horrible -- moments are years in the making!

Robert Hruzek

Way to go, Bob, for making those extra points! Good balance for those thinking of (or feel like they're being driven toward) making a dramatic public stand. Successful stories like this are likely a very small percentage of the total number of confrontations.

That production director's stand was a good one, but I bet he had already measured his move, and was prepared to make good his words.

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