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a woman, or the feminine in men and women, seeks to share deep awareness of the world
in a sacralized communion. the presence of soft candle light, wild flowers, and the
rituals of dressing for the occasion are simply metaphors acknowledged and “lived out”
in honor of the moment. in honor of life. in honor of shared awareness of the infinite
in a moment.

Alexander Kjerulf

Excellent point Bob (and an excellent blog all-round).

Did you see James Surowiecki's article in the New Yorker on why overpaid CEO's are bad for business:

From the article:
it’s becoming increasingly clear that, from a shareholder’s perspective, overpaid C.E.O.s aren’t just expensive; they’re downright destructive. One recent study of the market between 1992 and 2001 by economists at Rutgers and Penn State found that the more a C.E.O. was paid, relative to his peers, the more likely his company was to underperform in the stock market.

It's the hero myth, the easy fix and Lovaglia's law rolled into one.

ann michael

These boards also "spent" their reputations. Once they pronounced someone the savior, how could they risk questioning their own judgement?

I bet they'd do it in a second if it weren't "their guy" in the CEO's seat!

I worked for a CEO that put someone in charge of a huge part of his business and although EVERY senior leader in the company eventually came to realize (and communicate to him) that the appointed guy was not right for the job (with evidence), he never saw it (or would, at least, never admit it).

Ironically the CEO is gone but that person is still there - in the same job!

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