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Robert Hruzek

Interesting thoughts, Bob. I wonder - is the most important role for a CEO regarding influence really "good PR"? Look at the few CEOs who are actual household names, like Lee Iococca and (more recently) Dr. Z. If they are likable fellows (in their advertising), then generally people will "feel good" about the company. Just a half-baked theory.

I also wonder if "group decision-making" (a.k.a. James Suroweiki's "The Wisdom of Crowds") holds more promise? If you can meet the conditions for "wise" crowds, they seem to far outperform any one "smart" guy. Also a half-baked thought.

But on the other hand, two halves can make a whole pie!

Anna Farmery

Great thoughts....where Presidents and CEO's are influential is setting the tone for the organisation. I once saw a survey that said the CEO sets high expectations but accepts that is influence on the future!

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