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Librarians are about engagement on all sorts of levels, in my view, Bob. Appreciate reading the accolades for the librarians who are part of your engagement team. I'm looking forward to seeing more about evidenced-based management, and glad to see Jeffrey Pfeffer is a willing collaborator, especially to this blog. Cheers.

Jeff the Poustman

Great point regarding folks who help determine not just location, but validity, of information. An increasingly vital role without a doubt.

Bob Sutton


We are trying to assemble such lists, but unlike medicine, I think things just aren't that organized yet around the term "evidence-based management." We are trying, but are decades behind of course. And, that aside, one of the problems with management is that anyone seems to be capable of being labelled as an expert, even fictional characters like Santa Claus and Tony Soprano!

Kent Blumberg

I am looking forward to the opening of your new website.

In the meantime, I followed the link about David Sackett and found an article about making evidence-based medicine (EBM) doable (

The article contained a great list of EBM resources to help practicing physicians sort out the good ideas from the crap. Are you aware of any such list of resources for Evidence-based management - or is that something we might see on your coming web site? It would certainly help us practicing leaders as much as the EBM list helps practicing physicians.

Kent M. Blumberg

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