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Fantastic work done Bob, I have recently started a new company these tips would surely help. Thanks a ton


I work at persistent engagement marketing we specialize in helping customers think outside the box. Wow, you really pushing the idea of thinking outside the box. Do you have any suggestions for SEO I work in Los Angeles and believe me you need to think outside the box here.

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I agree and disagree with your thought that creative companies are inefficient and sometimes annoying- I think they CAN be but they can also be a lot of fun. There have to be limits to what can happen in these places, and guidelines and discipline need to not be ignored. But I think that a pleasant work environment can make for more productive employees- look at Google. It's supposed to be one of the best companies to work for and it's supposed to be a fun place as well, and they certainly aren't going bankrupt.

I liked #1 on the list by the way, I'm not the fastest learner but that's because I like to fully understand processes, once I have them down I think I'm a great worker.


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Some of those are just bad ideas and will probably make you unhappy. I really like some of them and even have a past of doing #8 planning ridiculous or impractical things (it's is a great way to over come boredom or to cheer you up).

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Those are weird ideas, there was a quote I read last night. If the idea doesn't seem insane at first, then it won't work out.

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I like "Decide to do something that will probably fail, then convince yourself and everyone else that success is certain." I am a pessimist and I always need to be 100% sure that something will succeed, otherwise i dont do it. I will keep this in mind, and next time I want to try something new, I will remind myself of your advice.

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Its really interesting to know that there are such ideas that exist.


Really nice read....well it can act as an eye opener for all the organization. Once a startup it value everything, once established ASS HOLES start pouring in. Everyone should study this & look for ass holes around themself or in itself also .

Rohit Tewari

i am thinking to write something on this topic; i have weird ideas myself and i think that there are many people who exists with the same opinion...what i feel is if we give a kind of platform to all these people by giving them help in some way or the other .. i think we can achieve what people cant even think of doing it....what do you say sir?

Humor Man

Are you writher ?

Bob Sutton


I guess I like the 11 and 1/2 better too, and really, the idea of hiring people who make you squirm is closely related to hiring slow learners, who make insiders squirm. The story of the half idea, by the way, is that I was finishing up the book around the time that the film "Being John Malkovich" came out, and as you might recall, the main character in the film worked on floor 7 and 1/2, which inspired my editor at The Free Press to suggest 11.5 ideas. It was silly, but kind of fun.

ann michael

PS - I still like that there are 11 1/2 - not twelve. I always thought that made your perspective even more special!

I've only gotten through the first few so far on my blog.

ann michael

I love these ideas. I started going through them yesterday a few at a time.

Bob - this book was my introduction to the study of innovation in organizations and I haven't stopped reading and experimenting since - THANKS!

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