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Bob Sutton


Thanks for the link. That is a fantastic article, and in fact, I think I'll put up his Atul Gawande's book "Complications," it is fantastic.


Victor Lombardi

The medical community is a particularly interesting case of using evidence-based guidelines, resulting in sweeping changes in everything from information software design to malpractice insurance rates.

Even more interesting, to me, is where evidence-based guidelines aren't good enough to solve the very hard problems of medical care. Atul Gawande's "The Bell Curve" highlights the advances that can be made by ignoring evidence and performing ad hoc experiments...


Could you highlight what about An Inconvenient Truth falls under an evidence based movement?

There is almost unanimity in the media community that Global Warming is a serious threat caused by Human activity.

However there is still much debate among scientists with some agree-ing, some saying it has little or nothing to do with Human activity and some saying it is somewhere in between.

So in that environment how does a politician without a scientific background producing a documentary that highlights part of the scientific view qualify as evidence based?

John Lilly

I think the same thing is happening on the Internet with software user experience design. Instrumentation is becoming totally critical for sites like YouTube & Google & all consumer apps/sites, really. Watching what people do and modifying design accordingly is the main thing. Only issue is that it might well lead you down the path of finding "local best" solutions instead of helping you decide when a total rework is required...

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