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WoW Fan

World of Warcraft is also being used by the army to study social interactions in virtual worlds. Wonder what that could lead to?

World of Warcraft Guides

I personally run a company that makes me 6 figure a year income and my work is hectic. But hey, I play World of Warcraft with my children together.

So does that make me a loser in life?

Wow Warlock

Anyone who thinks people who play wow are losers needs to seriously grow up. There are a lot of us who have our priorities in check. I don't personally raid, but I do know plenty of people who do that still have a life.

WOW Gold

I love to play WOW. And I'm looking for a Guild that is constantly at war. I have 600.000 gold to donate for the guild that pick me.


You should check out if you are recruiting or looking for a guild. We are the fastest growing guild recruitment website for WOW. Its 100% free.

Joana's Horde

Actually, I think palying World of Warcraft has actually help me relive stress and I have found my ideal partner through WoW. So are World of Warcraft players still losers??

World of Warcraft cheats World of Warcraft hacks and wow gold guides

i dont even know what the big deal about this joi ito guy is..


There are 9 million folks playing World of Warcraft. It'd be a mistake to lump us all into one or two piles, loser or otherwise.

While I don't have an MBA, I've run a guild in both WoW and EverQuest, and I've long been interested in the dynamics of group leadership and how game organizations might translate into real life.

While I've done the raiding guild thing, my primary goal was to create a healthy environment that encouraged people to achieve without wanting to throttle one another. Sort of what your new boob is about ...

World of Warcraft Cheats

i play wow and im not a loser :P

World of Warcraft Hacks

i dont think all wow players are losers


People who play warcraft are usually losers in real life, organizing a buch of losers into a guild to go on raids is like asking a bunch of crack addicts to stand in line for free crack. This is pure management bullshit!



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