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Jerome Alexander

When will they learn that all management fads have a limited life! There are no "silver bullets" and no substitutes for good smart work. Worse yet is when some consultant tries to evangelize the workforce into believing in some "new religion" replete with its own rituals, icons, and Bibles. It's all intended to convince the masses that their attitudes about pay cuts, grueling schedules and idiot managers are wrongminded. God forbid (the real one)that anyone ever gets on the wrong side of one of these "prophets" by having an original thought or by daring to question the doctrine. Remember the Spanish inquisition? What an insult to the intelligence of employees and good managers.
Successful organizations innovate. They are honest with their workforce and respect divergent opinions. They do not need to use goofy gimmicks and play games with employees' psyches.
In fact, there is really only one thing that all successful organizations have in common - they are successful. Excerpted from "160 Degrees of Deviation: The Case for the Corporate Cynic."

Dave Sovde

The secret is a communication system that involves people more than surveys, software, studies, graphs, charts, etc...

I have had a highly-effective performance management system for over thirty years. Until last week, when I received a copy of the "You could be a genius..." article written by Simon Caulkin from an annonymous source, I had no idea what Performance Management and Performance Leadership could be about leading and managing people.

I was about to self-publish a book, but I am back to the drawing board as I realize the market is much larger than I had previously estimated.

It should be ready about the time "The No Asshole Rule" is published. One of the twenty "Team Achievement Truths" is "No Time For Jerks."

You book sounds very interesting. I am looking forward to its release.

My system, the OneByOne Team Achievement sytem is a combination of lessons learned in my business administration minor in college, as a member of a college football team, the Army, and the JC Penney company where the 80% of my program was structured.

JC Penney died the second year I was employed. Until then, it was a company focused, every day, day after day, one by one, on being the best of the best. Best of the best, step one in an effective PL system.

What would the best of the best do?

Does anyone know a better way than the best of the best way?

Apply those two questions to every issue, situation, everything!

I am amazed at how difficult the corporate bottom-line mindset, HR functions, and the never-ending search for great software has taken businesses away from motivating, educating, and appreciating employees face-to-face.

Radio Schack brags about the efficiency of firing 400 staff, many who worked in the same complex, with an e-mail. "Oh, they knew it was coming." A total disconnect from any awareness at all of the damage that did to a struggling company. I wonder how much extra-effort their employees perform for the company?

I've read a lot about Performanmce Leadership, Performance Management, and Performance management Leadership in the past few days. Thank you for being a part of what I have learned.

Fo me it is simply a matter putting every employee into a team. Train the team leader to be a LeaderManagerCoach who can create, energize, lead, and retain an entire team of exceptional employees.

HR is a support function with no power over the team. They are in charge of recruiting and orientation if they exist at all.
In my system the team is a part of recruiting and orientation. I have never advertised for an employee, yet I had ne problem making s=certain everyone was a positive producers.

A simple communication that just makes sense.

People support what they hep create.

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