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Steve Bishop

That first part: 'The first will be on improving the “theme park” experience for customers as an introduction to design thinking and methods' reminds me of the Wal-Mart in my hometown (Baytown, TX). At the time it opened, it was the largest of it's kind (so the story goes). For a while, they employed a parking lot train, like the ones used at stadiums and theme parks to shuttle people to the main gate. It was big enough to warrant one and it brought an air of junior high elation to what was once a dreary shopping experience.

Troy Steinmetz

I would definitely want to take this class if I weren't still an undergrad. Oh well. I'll have to live and learn vicariously via your blog (and through Liz). So here are the things I am most interested to hear about from the course. Consider it a reader's wishlist:

Are there students who aren't used to design thinking, and how are they responding to the class?

What "great ideas" failed (miserably)? What were the learned lessons?

Does the interdisciplinary nature of teams become obvious? In what ways? Do you "teach" how to work in those kind of teams directly?

What was fun? The theme park has to have at least one thing!


P.S. Pardon my ignorance, but where does the name "Clicks-n-Bricks" come from?

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