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Troy Steinmetz

First of all, when I go to Starbucks, I order a "grande hot chocolate."

That being said, I don't think the pickiest person is necessarily the biggest tyrant. Sure, it's an easily observable indicator and there is a high correlation, but sometimes it just means the business is giving you too many options (cue the Metacool "simplicity" discussion)

Either way, I'd much rather smack the guy who orders while still talking on the cell phone.

Speaking of which, be prepared for norms around cell phone etiquette to change with the new generation workforce. What may be asshole behavior now may not be soon. I just got back from dinner four other seniors. At one point, we had two people texting at the table and one checking his voicemail. Even though my friend and I weren't partaking, our cell phones were still sitting in view on the table, something my mother would find quite offensive/tacky.

Valeria Maltoni

If you think cell phone talk is abused here, go to Europe. Take a train ride. Enjoy lots of talk... about nothing at all.


Well, anyone who orders from Starbucks is an idiot in the first place. Why buy synthetic coffee substitute from a McDonalds-like franchise when coffee is all about quality and enjoyment?

Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan

Brilliant post, Bob.

Regarding mobile phones, I believe the more phone calls a person receives and responds to during a face-to-face conversation, the bigger arsehole he/she is.

If he/she responds, “I’m at a meeting. I’ll call you back later”, then he/’she is an arsehole of epic proportions.

What I’ve found is that successful people don’t receive calls during meetings. Somehow they do one thing at a time and laser-focus on it.

ann michael

Bob - The Starbucks test is priceless!

My husband often says that cell phones democratized being an asshole. People that hadn't fully achieved that status (but had potential) were enabled by the cell phone!

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