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Ed Vielmetti

Thanks Bob - I have been collecting small examples of the "small wins" idea & note yours here:


Both views are very important.

The "Grand Strategy" is key to *understanding* the problem as a whole -- but typically, the 10,000 mile high view is pretty useless when you are trying to figure out specifically what to do with ToyXYZ made by Large Overseas VendorCo.

Likewise, the "Microscope" view -- is also key to actually *Fixing* the problem. Without taking a close look at the real causes of your problems, you will never get them fixed.

In the packaging example -- your "Microscope" may find that Vendor A makes packaging to YOUR specification -- that it "Fill Up" a shelf a certain way..... and without changes to specifications from one of YOUR departments, cannot change the packaging.


Coming from an oil company which emphasizes a lot on sustainable development, I personally find the discussion hard to assimilate.

Would we pursue the sustainability agenda out of our own good hearts or would we go for sustainability because there is profit in it?
In the Walmart example above, it is interesting to note that implementing the APUs in the truck was environmentally great, but it also brought about a good cash saving (though I am not sure if it was enough to pay for the cost of the APUs, but i am assuming that it is the case)
In the oil business, everyone is talking about CO2 sequestration, but this is driven by two reasons
1) CO2 credits / tax breaks in some companies
2) Injecting CO2 provides higher oil recoveries, which is economical at higher oil prices.

So the fundamental question that I pose is, are we really sustainable or is this drive driven by the external environment, where the increase in profits drive this behaviour? Are there several examples out there, where companies have pursued the path to sustainability at an expense to them?


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