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Ha ha. This is hilarious. I'm a manager there. Personally, I'm probably the biggest ass in the silicon valley... and I don't care.

Bob Sutton


I put this up yesterday afternoon and it said "no assholes." It looks like someone had changed it since then!

Stan Taylor

I clicked on your 'five founding principles' link, and #5 was listed as 'No jerks'. Also, the success criteria alsoc cited jerks, not assholes. Hm.

Jan Barkhed

Setting goals on employees and making performance reviews have become established practices within large as well as small companies. But how effective is it? Is there any empirical evidence that it produces competitive, innovative and effective organisations? Or will employees only learn how to reach the goals without relay achieving lasting and measurable results. Is there any other way to produce these results without setting goals and making reviews? Does goals really describe what is important within a company?

Roman Rytov

Looks like that's gonna be an interesting book. I've preordered already:-)
Interesting what to do with assholes if they accidently happened to be in the company, for instance, when a NAA (no asshole agreement) hasn't been a part of the deal.
I tried to drop a few ideas on a similar topic (How to manage a Squidward):

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