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Bob Sutton


Yes, the title is me.. in the way you mean!

And Mr.Schmoe,

The title of the book is set... let's see the reaction. And I hope you are right about the German title, I will be there Weds AM to do a book tour!

I appreciate the votes of support from both of you.


To be-provocative is good, paradox equally good (zen confusion, dissonance, opening up a hardened mind to be receptive to new ideas).

And asshole is certainly a provocative little word :) Grabs attention in the attention economy. If it was my book I'd also run a newspaper-test on it, how would I feel if some employee, stressed out for a multitude of personal reasons, topped themselves after they were labelled/judged as an asshole at work, and I read about it in the morning paper. If I could live with that, I'd go ahead and publish, otherwise I'd find another devilishly and sticky metaphor. FWIW :)

PS. The german title is delicious

ann michael

Bob -

Just like 11 1/2 weird ideas - No Asshole is definitely sticky and not only "authentic" but precise! I would think that few misinterpret your meaning.

I "discovered" you about 6 years ago (I'm sure you were around before then - but not for me!) and one reason it was easy for me to relate to your views was that you appeared authentic (and passionate) to me.

That title is you (hmmm...not that you're an asshole - you know what I mean!). I almost consider it more playful than vulgar.

Valeria Maltoni

Bob, in Italy the word is much, much stronger and used much more frequently too.

As you point out, language is powerful. Although the word -- particularly in this very PC environment -- sounds and looks a bit, how can I put this, out there, it is effective as a descriptor. We all know who we're talking about from our own live examples.

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