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Ethan Bodnar

Glad to hear the class went so well and that it was made up of such a great team. Wish I could have taken part in the class. (I am a highschool student who would love to go to the one day and wishes that there was a undergraduate program) Anyways, I look forward to seeing the work that the class produced and created.

-Ethan Bodnar....16 yr old blogger interested in new ideas, design, internet and much more.

Kent Blumberg


Great story and I'm looking forward to hearing about the students' work.

As to the team, how did you all come together? Who decided on team membership? Was it luck that brought together six people with such complementary experience or skill - or a mix of both? How did y'all avoid bringing an asshole on board?

Perhaps I'm asking too many details - like asking how sausage is made - but I'm curious how this team came to life.


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