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juan carlos vargas




Bob Sutton


This is astounding. It is like a doctoral thesis. THANKS


Diego Rodriguez


I think you should be able to find a Spanish version of the title, but I think you have a challenge in terms of getting the idiomatic fit. I asked a Spanish friend of mine (my uncle), and he said the following:

"Desde luego, absolutamente, para España, no sirve lo de "pendejo".

Si no se quiere utilizar gilipollas, podría usarse la palabra
tradicional de "idiota" o "imbécil".

Curiosamentes, estás palabras, que al igual que gilipollas son ahora
insultos, vienen de una degradación del uso de la palabra médica
"idiocia", de donde se deriva "idiota".

Ahora me entra la duda añadida de si "Rule" se emplea no como "regla" o
"norma", sino como "ruling" o sea, del hecho de "gobernar", "dominar"?

El autor del libro debe asumir, pienso, distintos títulos para américa
latina y para España. En España no sirve "pendejo" que es más bien el
aficionado a irse de juerga, pero sirve "idiota", "estúpido", "imbécil",
y desde luego, si se es más valiente, "gilipollas".
Desde luego, "polla" viene de "cock", y en ocasiones, cuando no se
quiere decir "gilipollas" se tiene a decir "gilipuertas", pero eso ya es
muy, muy idiomático.

He leido algunos de los ejemplos, y lo que definen ahí como asshole, más
que un gilipollas es un "hijo de puta", "son of a bitch", pero eso ya es
muy fuerte."

So, something like "pendejo" won't work in Spain, but might work for Latin America. He suggested "gilipollas" as the term in lieu of asshole, but it's stronger, maybe too strong. If you can localize (and there's a strong argument for that move), you could put pendejo for the Americas and gilipollas for Europe.

Are you open to changing the cover art? A great suggestion from a wise person I know (of Cuban and Venezuelan extraction) would be to put "gilipollas" or whatever the word is on the cover with the international "no" symbol (as in Ghostbusters) over it.

Did you hear the one about the guy who entered an asshole contest? The best he could do was a distant second place, because all the judges felt he was such an asshole!

Bob Sutton

I want to thank everyone, I have learned a huge amount from all the comments, you have all been so thoughtful.

I have a question: What do people think of Alejandro's suggestion that my Spanish publisher just call it "The No Asshole Rule" or keep the word asshole somehow?

Alejandro Fritz

...late to get the books but anyway.

1. Slang is always local (at least in spanish). So, there will be no single way to translate it nicely for more than one market.

2. It is always *much* nicer to have a rather neutral translation (even if it misses the point a bit) than the perfect local one for a country that is not yours. This goes in the direction already mentioned of estúpido, tarado, idiota, etc.

3. English is welcomed in most of the spanish speaking countries business communities, is part of the business culture, and everybody knows what an asshole is, why not keep the english word somehow?

p.d. I am argentinian, live in Spain and travelled most of latin america.


Les > "Il pète plus haut que son CUL"

"cul" means "ass" simply.

"connard" is an insult, nothing to do with body part.

I wish you "suerte" in your search for a spanish title, I won't propose anything since I learned spanish in Argentina albeit I'm French.


The Hirame bit above had me recall some of the (limited) French terms I use well (basically, I speak restaurant in most languages and have had reason to call upon this phrase in discussing a waiter's behavior to the management). "Il pète plus haut que son connard" I believe translates as "he farts higher than his asshole"


A politically correct option and I think works in most countries is "Cretino"

Troy Richardson

I like "Sin Pendejos", but the alliteration part of me would go for:

Pendejos No Permitido.

Maybe one is closer than the other, but I believe the one is implying there are none and the other gives more of a directive of non allowance.

webregs [at] gmail [dot] com


Pendejo is too strong in Mexico, and means something else in Chile (annoying boy).

Maureen Rogers

Roberto - I believe that pendejo is the operative word.

Que lastima (what a shame) as we used to say in junior high spanish, that I am not among the first five in responding. But I will be buying the book -in English - anyway.

When I was hitchhiking through Spain many years ago, a key expression was "que pendejo" - what an asshole. I think that's the word you're looking for.

Bob Sutton


THANK YOU. If you haven't sent me your address yet, please do so. Thanks!

rob clark

sin pendejos would be the best translation for the title

Pascal Venier

I could only offer my take on French, my mother tongue.

"Trou du cul" would be the literal translation of ass-hole in French, but would not convey the same nuances. "Con" would be much better. Its literal translation in English would be "cunt", but it is nowhere has rude a the English term and has come to mean something very close to asshole or jerk.

Please do pardon my French! ;^)


Pendejo might be a bit too strong for some but I guess the same goes for asshole. Other alternative translation could be estúpido, idiota or asno but those lean more towards dumb rather than asshole.

As for the whole title, LA REGLA DE NO A LOS PENDEJOS sounds awful. Perhaps just simply 'SIN PENDEJOS' or 'NO A LOS PENDEJOS' or any other variation using the previous suggested translations for asshole. LA LEY DE NO TENER PENDEJOS?

David Bachman

"Pendejo", without a doubt. It would certainly work in Latin America.

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