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Lilly Evans

Good to see that BP continues to use the relationship with Stanford Business School for mutual benefit and wider learning! And that true innovative learning happens from the practice blended with cases and some meta theory, not out of the grand organisational learning citadels (I should know, I was BP original link with MIT)!

With all that excitement and hard work, Bob you do not say what were the criteria for judging winners , which idea won and why. Would you be following up with BP how thy intend to use what they learnt from this process?

Thanks again for sharing this.

Michael Wagner

Thanks for sharing your initial learning from the Customer-Focused Innovation program.

I find this kind of reporting very helpful. It does get my mind racing.

Plus, I'm glad to find your blog. I have been a fan since reading Weird Ideas that Work. My copy "disappeared" from my library at work, so I know it must "really" be good!

Thanks again!

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