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Stan Garfield

Hi, Bob.

I linked to your post from


Mark Howell

The book is great! And the workshop element is really helpful.


Bob Sutton


Thanks. I can vouch for the Heath's book. It is well-crafted, a quick satisfying read that I suspect will become a standard marketing text.

ann michael

I ordered them both on Amazon! Isn't it great how they say "order X + Y together" or "people who ordered this also ordered that" and if you want free shipping you need to order more than one book! All wonderful upsell techniques.

But they only work when both products look great (as yours do). Can't wait to read them both!

Chip Heath

And check out the brilliant book at #3, The No Asshole Rule, by our very own Bob Sutton. Bob's being modest here by not saying anything about his book but note it is still two months away from publication. I'm predicting a #1 ranking...

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