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Sharyn Cunneen

Thank you for this reminder and easy way to practice. I facilitate happiness workshops and smiling and laughing is one of the exercises we do. I like the idea of saying ah ah ah e e e. I think it is funny and will more naturally bring someone to a natural smile. I already felt good, but now after consciously smiling and ah-ing and e-ing my energy is even higher. The best things in life are so simple. This will become part of my next workshop. Spreading smiles in the world is fun! Check this link for a clovely poem about spreading smiles

Elaine, Bellman of Belly Laugh Day, January 24

Bob/Alexander/Lilly/Peter..I invite you all to celebrate the great gift of laughter on January 24, Belly Laugh Day. On January 24 at 1:24 p.m. (local time) smile, throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud. Join the Belly Laugh Bounce 'Round the World. The January 24 Belly Laugh Bounce begins in Fiji and continues to Hawaii/Alaska. I will gladly post your links on
Research also shows knowing you are going to laugh reduces your stress hormones.
Elaine Helle
Portland, Oregon
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

ann michael

Alexander/Bob - That Indian laugh instructor (or at least the "founder", Dr. Madan Kataria) is in Dan Pink's book A Whole New Mind. There are chapters all over the world - it's a hoot (no pun intended)! Alexander I should have known you'd be certified!

Bob Sutton

All your comments are great. Alexander, I love the the idea of being a certified laughing instructor. Fantastic and as you say evidence-based.

Alexander Kjerulf

Thank you very much for the pointers to the research backing up these claims!

I would like to add my own experiences to this: You see, I'm a certified laughter instructor. No kidding.

A couple of years back I took a course with the Indian doctor who invented the technique, which is based on faking laughter. In various exercises, you basically laugh at nothing, the motto being "fake it until you make it".

What invariably happens is that the laughter becomes real. It also lifts people's moods. It's fake laughter that leads to real happiness.

ann michael

Well Bob - just reading the title of your post made me smile - before I even read one word! So, I wonder if there is any evidence that seeing the word "smile" can make you smile :-)

peter vajda

"AH" is a primal sound of exhalation - a healing sound that naturally arises in a human being experiencing relaxation, pleasure and letting go. When uttered in different ways (lengths of time, tones, pitches, etc.) this sound simultaneously opens the belly, the lungs, and the heart, melting and releasing tensisons and contributing to an overall sense of comfort and deep relaxation. I use this sound in conjunction with Yoga and Tai Chi movements in working with folks around stress reduction . The sound alone, however, when done consciously,can provide a wonderful, uplifting sense of inner peace and a heightened sense of well-being.

Robert Hruzek

So let me get this straight. A cooler facial temperature is the key? So if you're dealing with a particularly obstinate grump who refuses to do the excercises... smack 'em in the face with a snowball! It will make BOTH of you feel happy! :-) I like it!

Lilly Evans


I have been following Gretchen's blog ever since I found a link to it on your site afew weeks ago! I cn thoroughly recommend it. A real treasure throve - always something unexpected and new yet easy to move around. And she is typically generous to all correspondents and open while being humble and curious. Definitely a place to put smile on your face reading it in the morning!

Thank you for providing the scientific backing for her post. It is really great to have the opportunities like these to learn.

I will try the 'e, e, e, e' game with my family and friends here and the 'U, U, U, U' with my German colleagues. As for experiment, I will try one day e's and next day U's with my daughter (graduated in German) and report her respective reflections. Small sample I know, but the best I have!

Keep smiling.


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