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Jason Shick

I agree with everything on your list except of the 2nd part of #5... " self-interest is a learned social norm, not an inherent feature of human behavior." My observations lead me to believe that perhaps selfishness is a part of the human make-up from the beginning. I have 4 children and I must say, as soon as they were old enough to understand that when another child is playing with a toy, they can't - they began to utter that all too common word... "mine".

Sharon McGann

Great way to reflect on the year.
Yes to all except 2. For me Passion is more important than indifference.
I'll have to have a think about other things I believe.

Maureen Rogers

Bob - Great list. I would make a slight change to #10: Working for money is an over-rated activity. Working (i.e., spending purposeful, concentrated time doing something that you care deeply about) is an essential ingredient for happiness in life.

And you've inspired me to come up with my own 10, as well:

Happy New Year!

Bob Sutton


Thanks so much, I would love to learn more about Companies that Care.. For some reason, the link isn't working. Please send again.



Valeria Maltoni

Hello Bob:
I spoke about you and your blog to a Board Member of an organization called Companies that Care.

I like the fact that to be a company that cares, one has to have 10 characteristics [] *and* step up to the plate in increments over time -- it's not a 'given'. I think their mission might appeal to you.

If you do not hear from anyone there, and would like to, I'll be happy to chase this one down for you and make formal introductions.

Robert Hruzek

How about #11: There is really no such thing as "being your own boss".

James Drogan

Some similarities, some differences.

Drogan's Laws

1. Know what you know, know what you don't know, and know who knows what you don't know.

2. When things are going really well you've probably missed something.

3. Never put things in an e-mail you would not like to hear read in court.

4. The spoken word can never be taken back.

5. If you continue to think what you have always thought you will get less and less of what you always got.

6. Authority is no substitute for the patient attendance to the facts and systematic reasoning about them.

7. The future needs to be reachable in a reasonable way.

8. Old dogs that don't learn new tricks end up dead dogs.

Frank Schophuizen

I propose to making your item 6 more general.

6. Shared knowledge multiplies. Not only it multiplies knowledge itself, it also multiplies interaction between people.


Lilly Evans

Good list and simple. I would suggest replacing item 6 (which is partly covered in 7) with a positive statement about sharing. It seems to me you certainly need to include something like:

6. Sharing is important and fulfilling. Remember that when you share knowledge it multiplies. Be generous in your interactions younger colleagues.

Instead of a present, here is a link to Bad Boss

Rex Hammock

Thanks for a wonderful reminder of what are the keys to success in life, not just business.

DW from the Bay area

8. The best test of a person's character is how he or she treats those with less power.

10. Work is an over-rated activity.

Great post. 8 and 10 are very true. I amazed at my colleagues who belittle or attempt to ridicule their subordinates...because they can. Very unprofessional!

Those who don't have a life outside of work are usually the ones belittling their subordinates.

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