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C'est la vie, in a way. But the indirect support of the upswing is the best evidence that you're touching a very big nerve. Plus it's great in-direct marketing because after general awareness is raised, what I call influencing the 'climate of opinion' - always valuable for a 'new' idea, it will reinforce interest in your work. Not just the book.

Just think we wouldn't be having this converation w/o blogging nor would your books have gotten this widespread community interest. MSM coverage of the issue will feedback and visa versa.

May I further recommend gapingvoid for you and your readers as being insightful and witty on the new world of indirect marketing:

PLUS - the guy draws the funniest business related cartoons intended for bcards and they are very pointed about issues you care about. I'd point to a particular one but just today there were three worthy of consideration in this context.

Bob Sutton

Thanks to everyone for the great comments. On the Carol Hymowitz column today, I have very good information that she not only knows about the book, but also that another WSJ reporter tried to convince her to mention it in that column. Of course, it would be nice if she mentioned it, but I think that the recent upswing flood of stories on nasty people in the workplace reflects the need for the book -- and also, in at least two cases we know of, may also have something to do with the fact that journalists got the book and were pitched stories, but decided not to mention the book (which is their right, as there is that thing called the first amendment). And may have to do with the mild obscenity in the title.

Rich G.

Congratulations on the interview and I'd forgotten until I saw the picture of the keyboard, and you can't tell from the keyboard, but the keyboard is laid out differently there than here, and there are other characters accesible through pushing the ALTGr key, different from The ALT key.
WOW it's been a long time since I used one of those keyboards (mumbles 1986) I forgot all about that.
Good article, and ditto on the other comments on stinkfisch. I'd never heard it when I was there, but I probably wouldn't have, wrong circles and all that.


Bob - you're having an even wider impact. Carol Hymowitz writes a solid management column for the WSJ called "In-the-Lead" and today's is on (non) Screaming Coaches getting their teams to the superball.

Bill Parcells is turing over in his grave.

If you can get to it the URL is

Bob Sutton

Mike and Martin,

Thanks so much for the translation help. I appreciate the information and implication. I think it is pretty funny and have to give them credit.

Martin Koser

I'll second that, and let me add that there's a saying in german:
"der Fisch fängt am Kopf zu stinken an" - fish starts to smell at the head.

To me the illustration's goal is hence twice:
- (asshole) bosses are pulling down their whole organization
- (asshole) colleagues may put dead fish on your keyboard when you're out for lunch

Greetings from Germany, Martin - who is also busy collecting signs of organizational decay and pathologies ...

Mike Sperber

It's kind of obscure even to a German. Indeed, "Stinkfisch" literally means "smelly fish", but it's also the actual name of a real fish known as "Stint" (the dictionary tells me it's called "smelt" in English). Anyway, my interpretation is that it's OK to call a "Stint" a "Stinkfisch" because it indeed smells bad, even though it's a deragatory term. The analogy to "asshole" seems clear.

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