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In Germany, a lot of people still hold and even live the idea of life-long affiliation with "their" company. As a plus, German employment law is much more protective than US law - it is close to impossible to fire somebody for being a "normal" asshole - nasty in a non-physical way and careful enough not to cross the line to mobbing in front of wittnesses. So if you suffer form an asshole colleague, finding out that he shouldn't have been hired in the first place doesn't help. Then realizing you can't get ridd of the asshole isn't encouraging either. Bearing the thought in mind that Germans above a certain age are highly unlikely to change workplace, a lot of readers may find it difficult to view the problem as a temporary one.

I would guess that quite a few people are happy to learn in the beginning of the book that they are right about not wanting to work with those assholes, but later on are not satisfied with the possible solutions to the problem.


In my opinion it´s because german business organisations seem to be representing themselves a little more conservative than in many other countrys.

In your book you´re building a picture of a successful asshole and, as you say, many german business people may recognize they are just like this picture.

I think for this conservatice audience "asshole" or "Arschloch" is still a quite offending term here in germany.

Some people may feel offended by themself when finding they are what you describe (and readers all over the world think is the best fitting term) an asshole. There´s no way out for them but rejecting the truth of your book. ;-)

Maybe a less polarizing title would have been "Der Diva Faktor" - but I guess you wouldn´t have sold as much as you did with the current title.

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