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I still try not to focus on style as much as possible - except when someone's an asshole. At that point I've finally come to the conclusion that I don't care what substance they have to offer.


Steve Jobs is an asshole. The success came simply because he has initially foreseen the future in Personal Computer Industry and he stuck to that goal..... If he was not an asshole with his employees he had the ground to achieve more than both IBM and Microsoft did....
What that asshole actually did, is to face both his competition and his goals aggressively and pationately....His staff have never produced to its peak Never. Team spirit was always low...That asshole and the other CEOs assholes around him had major leaks in staff performance. What saved them, was the early penetration into the market.....
What that asshole said?
"Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal...."
Guys he is just a lucky asshole. This is what he is....


I noticed, alot of assholes I know seem to worship Jobs and give him ALL credit for anything that comes from apple.

They think he is a genius, but thats because they are all assholes themselves I think.

Julie Dirksen

Well, it also begs the question -- Is Steve Jobs a great CEO *because* he's an asshole or *in spite of* being an asshole? Arguably he leads Apple to produce great designs because he is passionate, focused and uncompromising, which I think inspires a different flavor of asshole-ness that someone who is insecure, bullying or needlessly agressive or cruel. The source seems different, even if there is some overlap in behaviors. Do we need a taxonomy of assholes?

Jan Barkhed

You can compare the presentations of Apple’s CEO with that of the Cingular CEO on the MacWorld Expo. I would have been depressed if I had worked on Cingular.

Mark Howell

As I often say...there's an upside and a downside to everything.


Wally Bock

Say, boys and girls, here's a challenge. Find someone who actually likes Steve J.

I've known lots of folks who've passed through Apple and the industry over the years. Many think he can turn the water of design into the wine of market dominance, but I honestly can't remember anyone who said they liked Steve Jobs. If that's the true state of things, it is sad indeed.

My own take is the hubris will get him again, but I've been wrong before.

Hamilton Chua

Some say that "if it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger".

There are stories that tell of their experiences working with Steve Jobs as a boss. Here's one (

While some may border along the lines of "hero worship" there are others where I feel that they subtly acknowledge that the guy is really an asshole but conclude in the end that they are better people after the experience

Perhaps Steve Jobs and people like him are an anomaly in the "No Asshole Rule".

ann michael

"...even if the journey ends well, it still sucks when you have to travel with an asshole." - How true!

I sometimes find that being around an asshole makes me really look at myself and see if I'm doing anything like that. The other thing I realized was that for the longest time I would try to focus on content (what they said and accomplished) and not style (how they did it - they were an asshole).

I still try not to focus on style as much as possible - except when someone's an asshole. At that point I've finally come to the conclusion that I don't care what substance they have to offer. Someone else that isn't an ass will be able to offer it as well.

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