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Jimmy boy

My boss is 5'5 and has a Napolean complex. Worse yet he thinks hes a super Cop and treats members of the public like doormats. I couldn't imagine doing something to get back at him, but knowing how he is, it's just a matter of time till he really screws up and everyone knows how big of an ass he is. It's hard to wait fo the day,but I'm sure it will happen.

Bob Sutton


That is fantastic story, and a sign that sometimes letting people know that they are aresholes or assholes, and in a comic way that doesn't increase tension, can be very effective. Great line!



My sister in law works for a service company that does baggage check-in, etc., for a major airline. For a while she handled lost luggage enquiries. One day she had a real arsehole, abusing her, shouting, threatening. She took a deep breath and said, "Right now there are only 2 people in the world who care about your luggage. And one of them is rapidly losing interest." He calmed down instantly.

Alexander Kjerulf

Yet another great piece Bob, but I do want to add one possible drawback about revenge: Wanting to harm others, harms yourself.

Naive is this may sound, it's not healthy to wish harm upon others, no matter how annoying their behavior, even if we never act on that behavior.

It's normal, understandable and human to dream about revenge - but it's much wiser and healthier to get to the point where an asshole's behavior doesn't trouble you much.

That doesn't mean you should take whatever they dish out - quite the contrary. If you're not consumed by thoughts of revenge, your more likely to act wisely and constructively.

AND your peace of mind will be greater.


I'm a reporter for a women's magazine, doing a piece about revenge as exacted through the any stories there? Looking for sources who have either used the internet as a platform for revenge, or have been a victim to this kind of defamation. Or maybe one of your readers does?

Jan Barkhed

If you hear people making nasty comments to or about other people, you can always ask them very politely what company they represent, and then say: “Oh, I just wanted to know…”

Kathleen DeFilippo

I've been the beneficiary of what I would call indirect revenge. About six years ago, I took a business trip to San Francisco, which I inadvertently timed to coincide with the Gay Pride March. When I arrived at the rental car counter, I found that there were no cars available; there were, however, dozens of irate - and vocally so - tourists.

I told the rental agent that I wasn't in a big hurry, as my meeting wasn't until the following morning, and said that I'd take whatever became available whenever it became available.

A mere twenty minutes later, I drove away in a candy-apple red Sebring convertible, while those screaming tourists remained where they were when I arrived.

Niceness really does pay. :-)

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