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Thank you for brightening a dark corner of microeconomics by adressing the cost of counterproductive destabilization of employees' psychological stability at work. I am convinced that beyond mere unfriendliness, assholish behaviours have a real negative impact on firms productivity. It seems perfectly logical that 'attacked' people will spend more time trying to recover their stability and thus less time doing their work. I think a good individual performer may end up with a low efficiency at work if the 'collective cost' of his efficiency is too high (meaning if he needs to harass everybody to do his job correctly).

marguerita bornstein


We are in the meme wavelength.
Would love to collaborate with you.
My artwork &your writing.
Let me know
Au Revoir


Hi Bob !

I posted a note on your excellent book on quite "un sujet" the other day on my blog, and got an avalanche of reactions.

Long life les sales-cons hélas.
How can we fight them, all of us "small cons" = UNITE ?

petits-cons power
petit-con is beautiful
petit-con is trendy
you are a sale-con, you're out
you are a petit-con, you're in


Thanks a lot for that refreshing book. We needed help in France where thoughts about job are so often off record, even in case of suicides. My own book," My job, from fear to pleasure" , (mon job de la peur au plaisir) tried to propose some unusual solutions. Is it the end of assholes, that steady poison of most organisations and management? Are we really prepared to that main work revolution ?

Marie-Pierre VASLET (éditions Vuibert)

Thanks Bob,

Merci ! Le blog n'est pas encore très fourni, mais il nous allons l'enrichir progressivement. En tout cas, ce n'est pas la matière qui manque ! Et nous espérons recevoir plein d'histoires de sales cons à la française.
Tous nos voeux pour la parution du livre aux Etats-Unis. En France, il sort début avril.

Alain Jourdier


Vive la France! As a French-born, naturalized American, I salute my former countrymen in recognizing how "con" people in business can be, especially a la belle France. I herald the spreading of your powerful words there, where I have witnessed a dire need to come to grips with an equal elan the dreaded asshole poisoning.

C'est magnifique.

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