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Good luck trying to get companies to get rid of "peak performers" or "movers and shakers." (AKA A%^holes)

I worked in trading for several years and the more money the trader brought in, the bigger the a#$hole s/he was...and it was more than tolerated. The behavior was something the others aspired to. Very sad but true, there was a positive correlation with how much of an a^&hole you were and how much money you made.

Wally Bock

Part of the problem is this corollary to the Measurement Rule: "That which can be measured gets paid attention to." We can measure bucks. We have no readily available measures for people who leave, taking their talent with them, or for productivity lost to distress.

Another piece of the puzzle is the economic doctrine that the "purpose of business is to make money." If you see that as the purpose, rather than a necessity of life, then you sacrifice things to it.

I tell managers in my training that they have two jobs: to accomplish the mission and to care for their people. I learned that in the Marines, but many corporations I've been in and dealt with in the last 40 years only see "accomplish the mission." That's the kind of environment where assholes breed.

Frank Roche

Bob, I think companies need a No Asshole Policy, like they have Ethics Policies (and not like having vision, mission, and values statements, which are platitudes). It'd be cool if companies used a statement like this: We won't employ assholes. And we'll fire people who defend them, too, if they say, "Yes, he's an asshole, but he sells a lot." Assholes, Asshole Enablers, and Asshole Co-Dependents gotta go.

I wrote about a former colleague who fits the Judith Regan bill when I wrote about The No Asshole Book yesterday (glad to have gotten the copy early...great read!)

Article here:

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