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Reghu Kurian

Sutton, you just said what we have in our mind. This also make me realize that jerks are so common in office as well as all work places. I work with a community of jerks and many times in a day i feel that i will become like them if i don't escape from the work place. I am trying my best to educate my self so that i can get out. Thanks again for the title. This made me read the article like many.


You've obviously struck a chord (or a nerve) with this whole arsehole thing. And the blog-marketing idea is brilliant (I hadn't realized the book hadn't been published yet). I took the test and am borderline. Should I shoot myself before I go "over the edge"? On second thoughts, I'll shoot a subordinate - they all deserve it. Jus kidding.

One suggestion: the excerpts and blog entries on this I've read so far leave me with the strong impression that, as power turns people into arseholes, anyone who arrives at a position of power is more or less doomed to becoming an arsehole. Is this your view? If so, it seems somewhat... arsehole-ish! People in positions of power also (normally) have responsibilities, with their neck (or reputation) on the block if things fail, thus they will need to lead and in some cases that might well mean acting in a way that offends some. If you just want to please everyone, and are afraid of offending others, I suggest you may well not get far, and end up stuck in a position you don't particularly enjoy. The post above, for instance, is a good example of the fine line between being "honest" and being an arsehole: surely a genuine arsehole will say, I'm not being an arsehole, I'm just telling the truth - they're jerks! And yet there IS a genuine need for (genuine, not sadistic) honesty, whether you are a boss or an employee.

Perhaps you or readers could give examples of leaders who lead successfully WITHOUT turning into arseholes?

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