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Elvira Black

Hello Bob:

I'm a writer for Blogcritics Magazine. I just happened upon a link to your book and website and I'm quite intrigued indeed.

.I'd be very interested in reviewing your book and your website. However, I can't access your e-mail address with my software.

Speaking of assholes in medicine: the whole Walter Reed scandal has uncovered a long-standing but mostly well-kept secret amongst patients and their families who have received substandard care and followup at military and VA hospitals nationwide. My boyfriend has been using the VA hospital system (despite my protests) for decades, and he has, quite literally, nearly been killed several times due to their indifference and incompetence. I am looking forward to seeing some heads roll on a national and local level, and am also heartened by the newfound opportunity now afforded vets and their families to finally have their voices heard in the media and at congressional hearings on this matter..

As a matter of fact, I am preparing to begin a series at Blogcritics entitled "VA Horror Stories," based on my personal encounters with the Manhattan and Bronx VA hospitals where my boyfriend receives his medical care. I already have so much material that I could likely write a book of my own!

Another series I started at Blogcritics called Adventures in Real estate highlights asshole mortgage and real estate brokers and lawyers I've had the misfortune to encounter in the course of helping my friend find a coop. Some real estate companies are nothing much more than "asshole factories" which mainly function as a haven for greedy and inept employees who wreak havoc on potential buyers, sellers, and the companies they work for.

In any event, I commend your work--I'm certain your book and website will help to address a long-standing problem that many have "suffered through in silence" up til now. My background is in academia (as a writer/administrator) and I've had my share of close encounters of the asshole kind over the years as well. And, in retrospect, as you say, the fact that I felt abused and used led me to be at least an occasional asshole myself. One might indeed call it the "trickle down" asshole theory (though the imagery this conjures up is rather unfortunate). I think almost everyone who has worked for a living has at least a few stories in them.

In any case, if you could drop me a line to discuss a book/website review and/or interview for Blogcritics Magazine, that would be great. Many thanks.

Elvira Black

Elvira Black
Writer, Blogcritics Magazine

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