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fired teacher


I have been teaching at an all Hawaiian school (I'm not) for the last 5 years, during which time I have been treated unfairly, harassed, discriminated against, intimidated and threatened, along with working in a hostile work environment.

I have filed multiple complaints and several grievances against my supervisor, all of which the school found to be unsubstantiated. I filed claims with every outside organization I could find, to no avail.
I filed another grievance, and to my dismay, was terminated. I feel it is retaliation, however when I went to the next level, I was told they would not speak to me; the open door policy does not stand if terminated.

The problem lies in that this school's arms are very long-reaching; is very powerful; will bury you in legal paperwork until you either give up or can no longer afford to continue; and everyone is afraid of going up against them due to all this plus much more.

Basically, they can treat the employees any way they like and if you speak up for your rights, they fire you and there is nothing you can do, no recourse, nothing.

I'm looking for an organization would willing to step in and fight for the employees’ right to fair treatment and fair labor practices.

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