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PS - thinking more about the TA version of the metric, if a meeting is at a "3", then things do not get accomplished (unless the rest operate at the 0). A "3" meeting is a parent yelling at an irate soccer ref, both asserting authority. The only USEFUL reaction to this is to use the "3" mode, like you did in your France-airline-ticket incident, to insist that things move back down to a 2, at least. And then let the "2"s take over.


I've been leaving comments in a variety of random old posts, I hope that's okay. What's interesting here is the way I see a 1 as a liberal, PC person (a 0 is into zen). And I think as a self-identified liberal, I am attracted to the 2's in the universe because the atmosphere in the US is like Marge's first company, and 2's are less indecisive and remorseful about it. I'm also from a culture that is known for being a 3.

We could get into Transactional Analysis, that 3 is a very parental posture and 1-2 is I'm OK you're OK and 0 is almost childlike. I think that might help us modulate our metric better, to have an awareness that there is a time to be, if not abrasive, then parental.


Finding your blog has probably saved my life. I work under a #4 all day all the time "manager." After a 6 hour "mediation" in which the mediator repeatedly told me it does not matter that I think my personal Eric Cartman is dishonest, and that it is just her personal "management style" to berate me in front of others, I found you.... and your book, and I got a good night's sleep. Thank you.


thanks for repeating this post - fascinating. Just another example of how simple and direct measures make difference in real time action.

Unfortunately, far too few executives practice such approaches. Do you have any idea why?

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