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You should see the lawyer they have in Tombstone Arizona. Talk about a bad lawyer. He really has no clue about how to counsel his clients. He counsels them to do thing based on his own prejudices. Not on what is best for his client. Hmmm...


Gasp! It seems being ousted was well deserved and he got his just desserts! Unbelievable.

I stumbled across your site on another where you were you were doing Technorati favs exchange, but couldn't find your post for it.

So I've added you to my favs :)

I would greatly appreciate if you would fav me as well.

The link to my fav is



No surprise here. Worse, lawyers like this seem to be a joke for those in power if the commentary on the WHCA dinner i to be believed.

"With that he pulled out one of his classics, Johnny Carson, with a joke about lawyers being “assholes,” which drew a laugh from the president, despite the off-color language."

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