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I am a part time peon for a small (100 employees) computer company in San Diego. I have always known there was something seriously wrong with the company.

I already knew that the owners (who are also the CEO, CTO, and VP of Production) were assholes. What I didn't understand was how much their being assholes had to do with so many other problems in the company. I figured out the indifference survival routine on my own a few years back. Your book was able to put into words things I've only felt, and I really appreciate it.

After reading your book I have a better understanding of precisely what is happening at my work. It's been 4 years, and I have already waited far too long. I am looking for a job somewhere else. Your book has helped inspire my search and I have already passed it on to another.

Thanks again,


On #6, IMO misperceptions of ourselves, the consequences of our actions, our value to organizations, our contributions to problems relative to others and our responsibility for less than stellar outcomes are major but natural human biases that are likely hardwired into us. Sort of the "Lake Wobegon Effect" (Google it) that is captured in timeless aphorisms across cultures. I expect a lot of us, myself included, are forging forth with the book and the best of motives without first clearly seeing our reflection in the mirror. A great service would be developing a good mechanism and materials for getting 360 degree feedback from one's personal, social and work environment. An concise explanation, a set of questions to be duplicated, a mechanism to preserve anonymity and thus safety to responders and so on on. There will always be those sociopaths whose biased self perception is impenetrable but many would change when faced with trusted evidence and given a chance.


Hi Bob,

About your sixth point: maybe you wrote the answer of your question in the "knowing-doing gap".


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