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ann michael

Bob - I can't really comment on the Christian reaction to your book (although I have to say that it's very encouraging to me!!!), but the fact that the title appears to have helped (not hurt) sales is not surprising to me at all.

As others have said - it's obvious that you used the word asshole because it so accurately reflects interactions with one! You feel that word and you immediately know the type of person to whom you're referring. It's also a real word - the one even the most conservative person thinks or mutters under their breath when they've had the "pleasure" of interacting with one!

It facilitates communication, addresses a very common problem, and it's honest - who wouldn't pick that book up!!!


evden eve nakliyat

very nice informations thank you very much mr suma

Lauchlan Mackinnon

Hi Bob,

Nice McKinsey article of yours:


Lauchlan Mackinnon


I've been considering introducing your book to our church board. IMHO, churches are far less capabable to deal with assholes because they tend to be non-confrontational. As a result, assholes run roughshod over the entire congregation.

Unfortunately, the secular world commonly is ahead of churches in identifying and dealing with social issues.

Theologically, I consider asshole behavior to be sinful. It is certainly a pattern of behavior toward others that is opposed by Christian teachings. I believe that Jesus modeled and taught "don't be an asshole" and actively preached against those that he clearly identified as being assholes. I also think 2000 years of trying to 'make nice' have softened the original sharp edge.

Wally Bock

I have three observations. For reference, my father was a Lutheran pastor and I'm an Episcopalian.

Observation one: "Religious people" have a pretty broad range of attitudes about almost everything. What we have in common is that our faith is a touchstone and guide for life. How we play that out varies a lot.

Observation two: There are people who find that title offensive because of their sense of decorum, whether or not they are religious.

Observation three: There seems to me to be a difference in how people react to the title and how they react to the book. Folks who are truly offended by the title won't even open the book. Those that do open the book are likely to judge it on its merits as a book, not on the particular working you chose for the title.


Actually I'm suprised that we're suprised and gratified and encouraged. First - while you may have a temper :) - it doesn't appear to be a gratuitous use of the A-word nor used just for shock and marketing impact. Do you use Asshole and similar words much in everyday conversation ? I don't but save them when their exceptionality reinforces my intent. Having worked in railroad extra gangs where a request to pass the potatoes was ten words of request and 20 of profanity jades one.

The MUCH more important point is that true Christianity is based on love and compassion for one's neighbor. Or, pointing out that the insight is widespread, seeing the other as a Thou and not an IT. We abuse IT's but not People who we see as our co-humans. Stop and think about that for a minute. An asshole treating people as fungible commodities is treating them as sub-human in a display of the most primitive emotions.

Any truly religious person who believes in the sacrededness of people will pursue any angle possible to a)strengthen the message and b) (more importantly) get it out and applied in the real world and not just in bible class.

Our Faith shouldn't be 1 hour on Sunday but every hour on every day. Just think, soon you'll be a well known guru.

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