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Bob Sutton

Sabrina and Pat,

See the new and improved version -- my wife also scored a 0 (I know this is true from flying with her, she is scary polite). Here is what it says now:

"O to 2 - If your answers are true, you are a flying angel, not a flying arse. I hope to see you on my next flight."

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Bob Sutton

Sabrina and Pat,

I hear the feedback and apologize for the the teasing... I will change it and appreciate the comments.



I agree with Pat McGee -- I scored a 1, which I thought was honestly earned. (The only one I was slightly conflicted about was the nail-filing one -- I might file my nails if I broke one, but I don't have nail files in flight anymore, so I don't.) I try to be uniformly polite to flight personnel, always put away my electronics when bidden, I almost never get involved in the "just pulled into the gate - must get off airplane!" madness and just wait until everyone else has cleared out of the way, and I only entertain fantasies of tripping unattended shrieking children as they run up and down the aisles. I don't even lean my seat back, generally, because I find it annoying when people's seats lean back into my space and I don't want to cause irritation myself. I would never kick off my shoes; it's tacky.

So yeah, it was a little sad to get to the end and get taunted for habitually trying to be polite.

Pat McGee

I scored what I thought was an honest 2. So, when I got to the comment at the end which said that you didn't believe me, well, I thought that wasn't very nice.

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