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Dear Prof. Sutton,

I heartily support you in moderating comments.

On a related note, I teach two distance education courses at a PAC-10 school. The two courses are taught through two different (but allied) departments. For one department's course, I must always moderate comments to the discussion board. Despite clearly stating what is and isn't considered appropriate, the students in this department's course always step over the line.

The opposite is true for my other course, taught through a different department. I've never had to moderate the discussion board and only rarely must I delete an inappropriate comment.

Two departments, same university, very different on-line behaviors--even though the subject matter is not that different. One department seems to attract assholes, the other does not. Oddly, the more difficult course has the nicer student population. Go figure.

Peace be with you,

Pamela Slim

I agree with Andrew Bob -- do whatever you feel you need to continue productive dialogue, manage your time (since those spammy comments are hard to keep track of, and sometimes are quite x-rated) and, most importantly, keep you joyfully blogging.

A lot of people moderate comments and so I don't see a prob with it. We know you are fair.


Kent Blumberg


I support you on this. I don't moderate comments yet, but I'm not yet getting the volume of problem comments you are. Andrew is right: it's your blog and you have the right to control content. Those of us who try to provide intelligent comments will understand.

Andrew Mitchell

It's your blog and most people should be happy to play by your rules. Just the same way most people would be happy to play nicely were you to invite them to your house.

It is very nice that you're going to such lengths to explain and I fully support your rationale. You're a gracious host.

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