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zygor guides

Quite interesting, I never knew that such rules was implemented on world of warcraft...


After reading your book I felt it definately applied to online life and WoW. People seem to be even bigger assholes online then offline. Internet Aninimity breeds behavior where there seems no recourse.

In RftE we've chosen that there is recourse. We don't have to play with assholes. We are a raiding guild with commited casual and hardcore members that have come to understand that these negative behaviors don't help us accomplish the goals we've set for ourselves.

Some say, 'It's just a game.', but we believe that whenever people are involved respect is paramount. Even in a game.


Interesting... I have played EQ and EQII, games similar to WoW, in which cooperation from as many as 72 different people is required to accomplish a raid mission. It is very hard to manage that many people in a virtual environment without running into a lot of assholes.

There is an interesting dichotomy in these MMORPGS. If you want a guild in which there are no assholes, you usually wind up in a "family" guild, which has no requirements on members beyond being nice and helpful. If you want a guild that is successful at raiding and takes on the most difficult missions (hence garnering the biggest rewards in the game), then you will wind up in a raiding guild where there are many assholes.

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