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"John Bolton has been smeared by - dare I say it - a bunch of whiny assholes."

This is an non-cogent argument and a fallacious-a sweeping generalization. The product of hasty thinking at best, debile thinking at worst, it adds nothing to this conversation. A better post would be a claim with a premise, an argument, evidence and a conclusion. Or even better, a question.


You bet I would work for him. I would be his most energetic backer. In times like these, America cannot defend its principles by playing by them. We need people in power who are hard, who will not tolerate opposition abroad OR at home.

Bob Sutton

A few comments. First, it is pretty funny, as now Bolton and I are pictured right next to each other on the Commonwealth website. As for Bolton being smeared, to quote Will Rogers, all I know is what I read in the newspapers, and if it is true, it isn't pretty, as the reports about his nastiness and unwillingness to listen are so consistent, as well his vindictiveness ... all classic asshole traits. Note I am not doing this to "get" him because he is a conservative Republican. Note these complaints are mostly from fellow Republicans, and I name plenty of Democrats as possible assholes in my book, including Steve Jobs and Scott Rudin.

As for additional reports about Bolton, check:

I wonder, you two guys who are defending him, would you really want to work for a guy like that?


Perhaps you could leave behind a signed copy for Bolton? Maybe even highlighted in the appropriate places. :-)


Agreed. In times like these, and especially in fatally values-compromised bodies like the UN, America needs a jerk, a figure who embodies the power and authority our country has to display abroad if it is to protect itself at home.


John Bolton has been smeared by - dare I say it - a bunch of whiny assholes.

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