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I really enjoyed the No ARSE Rule book. However, reflecting on my past 2 years experience of sharing an office with a Psychopath ARSE, who in fact called others ARSE, I start to wonder, is all these relative, and subjective? This woman has so little self-worthiness that she has to constantly put down others to make herself feel better (e.g., she has to say in every other sentence “as a former HBS, I can..). Consequently, what I feel is a fair constructive discussion with another colleague, this woman would feel she is take so unserious, that she has to yell back at the person, and call that person jerk (behind his back). She is also so insecure, that unless everyone say she is right, or her idea is adopted, she feels she failed the world and is not worth a penny.

Yet she keeps on telling people that majority of the people are not good enough to have intelligent conversations with her, which is why she does not have any close friends. Tho already mid-30’s she constantly and shamelessly tell people that she only plays very intellectual toys when she was young, and she was always so bored in school because it was too easy for her… So is she an ARSE, or as from her view, the world is filled with ARSE?

Additionally, while I have been trying my best to keep my distance from her (but a bit hard as we share an office), she has to literally put her face next to me (as if to show me how thick a powder she has been put on) whenever she talks with me, and always mirror every of my move. Despite my repeated and constant circle around and not answering her questions, she has so little E-Q that she constantly asks me very personally questions, which I personally will only share with those I am close with. So any suggest to buff this kind of ARSE away?

I would be interested in knowing your view and input.

Thanks. It was a great joy reading the book and the related blogs.

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