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Wally Bock

One of the very few things I miss about living in California is Trader Joe's. Good news, though, they'll be opening a store in Charlotte soon.

I've always thought that the California wine makers represented two great strains of American culture. The Napa Valley vintners were like the Metropolitan Opera, as good or better than the Euros.

The Central Valley vintners were in the tradition of making great products that everyone would enjoy.

So in Napa you have the Mondavis with chamber music concertns and in the Central Valley you have the Gallos and the Franzia's with storage tanks that look like oil refineries.


Unfortunately our local TJs doesnt carry (sorry about the missing apostrophes - it brings up your search function) Chucks but part of their core value prop is high-quality foods at below competitive prices. For example their tuna and chili are wonderful and seem to be 20% (?) cheaper than mainstream lables.

Meanwhile, on topic, our local wine store has been getting repeat orders of Bordeauxs for $8-9 a bottle. And they ARE good :) !!

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