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Lloyd R.

I just wanted to thank you for the information you provided in this article. On 02/24/2010 I resigned from my drafting job after working with an established 70 year old engineering company in the New Orleans area less than 2 years. I had super relations with the entire staff (for just about a year) until a new office manager was transferred in from another location. I expressed to him the intolerance my sinuses and breathing had to his non-stop air-freshener and cologne bathing. I even went to his superviser (Regional President of the company) and offered substitutions and suggested alternative types of fresheners I could tolerate (which fell upon deaf ears - 1 month nothing was ever done - the plug-ins spewed their chemicals). I developed persistant health problems from this new manager's refusal to replace his fragrance generators. Constant headaches from clearing my throat at work, watery eyes and runny nose at work, weeks prior to my resignation I was experiencing hyperactive bowel sounds at work, uncontrollable gagging/dry heaves and spats of uncontrollable crying from the helplessness (I'm a guy, I am not suppose to act this way... I had never cried in front of my co-workers let alone my wife like this ever... and I've been married now 8 years). I was diagnosed with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) by my GP and Allergic Rhinitis by an allergist after allergy tests were performed. I filed 4 greivances against this individual to no avail.

The straw that broke the camels back was the retaliation and hostile work environment from this new office manager. Desk relocation (in the same room 10-15 away in the same air intake/distribution system, with reasons like "No Reason why, I have the Authority and My preference), work reassignment (to less complex work), talked down to in front of co-workers (like, answer me when I am talking to you), chastised (if you can't do the work then we'll assign less complex work for you) in emails carbone copied to co-workers. It all became too much to bear and I just walked out.
Money makes the world go around while the "True" workforce is expendable.
In my 20+ years of employment with various companies this BY FAR was the WORST boss I EVER had to deal with.
The downside to just walking out of a $50k a year job is fighting to receive unemployment.

I found a penny today after buying my powerball lottery ticket... ($212mil) then again.... I'm not THAT lucky!
Although a pro bono attorney in the New Orleans are would suffice!

Edward Fergusson

Hello. Bob, I'm very impressed that you posted my October 13 e-mail, because I complained about your ignoring the "Jihad the Jerk at Work" method. Don't get me wrong, I think your "No Asshole Rule" book is brilliant, and opens totally new & important progress in advising CEO's & top level managers on getting rid of jerks in the workplace top-down ... excellent stuff. I just don't think your book has much to offer the masses of lower level workers & managers about resolving the jerk at work problem bottom-up. That's where the Jihad the Jerk at Work method comes in. I continue to get strong praise from workplaces all over the country on how effective the JJW method is. There's just no substitute for safe, direct action that forces management to do its job and get rid of bullies, tyrants, incompetents, and predators in the workplace. It was the only way we could get rid of the very worst managers in the Fortune 500 Companies I worked in -- the only way (also proven to work well in Government Agencies and the Military). The movement is gaining strength as the word spreads. If you know of any groups or organizations out West who'd like to see my JJW presentation, let me know. Things get very exciting when live audiences are exposed to the method.
all the best,
Ned Fergusson
(973) 331-8278

Edward Fergusson

Bob, I'm disappointed you didn't mention the "Jihad the Jerk at Work" method, which is detailed in the book I sent you in March. It's an extremely effective method, the ONLY method, proven in Fortune 500 companies, where workers can check off appropriate internet boxes on the "101 Offensive Behaviors List", fill in the blanks on the cover letter to the jerk's boss form recommending action, and paper clip these forms to the front of this massive book, which is sent ANONYMOUSLY to the jerk's boss. The jerk is usually transferred within 30 days. This method is very safe, and effective, and eliminates the need to follow your advice to give up & run away. The problem with running away is that you'll find jerks in every workplace -- why run away all your life when you can force jerks out easily ?? You owe your readers better advice, Bob !! Why do you keep ignoring this excellent method ??

michael garrigan

I thought that it was well written.


An aside but relevant to the theme:

Why We Need Jackasses in the Academy

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